Guests’ feelings and experiences are influenced by their five senses. Good food is not enough to keep them coming back for more, just as nice decor is not enough to entice them to return if the food isn’t good.

Our Process 

The Concept phase is the most important and is what drives the entire design process. During this phase we will review the entire project scope, budget, timeline and goals ,as well as, determine style preferences. Here we will also discuss your companies brand and how we will implement space branding.

Design Development is the first layer of our design process that includes a walk through and complete measurement of the project site; Inventory of existing equipment/furniture to remain; Architectural Drawings; and Space Planning. 

Depending on the scope of the project, finish selections will vary but can include: Interior and Exterior Finishes; Plumbing Fixtures; Electrical Fixtures; Cabinets and Countertops; Landscape Plant Selections. 

The last layer to be included in the design process are the furnishings. This includes everything from furniture to artwork.

Whether you are a DIY’er or would like to leave the heavy lifting to the pros, our team and array of references are equipped to help you through the final push of implementing the design within your space.

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