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House Crush : Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo Hamptons Home

I have been a die hard Grey's Anatomy fan since the very first episode, in high school. The show has almost become a part of my life over the years. As if I didn't already adore Ellen Pompeo enough, I spotted her Modern Hamptons Farmhouse in an issue of Architectural Digest and became an even bigger fan.

Ellen Pompeo

I mean, come on! She's adorable. I don't know who else could pull off elastic, cuffed, mom-jeans like this, I wish I could. And then there's this house! This is the perfect example of a minimalistic style that still has a huge impact! No more white on white on white. I am completely obsessed with the classic combination of black and white. Pair it with large bold patterns and natural elements and I'm in heaven.

This is one that I will be re-visiting when I need inspiration for our current Treehouse project.

All Images via Architectural Digest.

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