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Life Update : Ch-ch-ch-changes

I initially sat down to take a stab at a post all about lighting for our Treehouse Project but as I sit here on our back deck, on our first, cool and breezy 70 degree day, I am reminded that Fall is just around the corner. I always get nostalgic when seasons end and always excited for what the new season will bring us. This year is extra special, probably because of the major changes that have happened. For starters, Dan and I tied the knot back in April while surrounded by all of our closets friends here in Charlotte. It was a dream come true and well worth the (over five year)wait.

I will spare you the long, dreadful story of our 4 month battle in purchasing our first home but we finally moved into our first fixer upper just a month after getting married. “Move-in Day Pictures” will be posted later this week!

BUT the biggest change of all, I think, is that I left my corporate job this month. I started Hunt Design Co. officially as my side hustle back in early 2016 and it wasn’t until after the wedding, moving and getting back into the swing of “normal” work and everyday life that I realized something was missing. I landed an amazing opportunity last Fall and while it was a huge step for my career it was also a big leap away from my true passion, designing beautiful spaces for others. So with the support of my amazing husband, I made the decision to pursue my own business full-time. While its scary as shit, it was for the best and I am so excited to see where this takes us.

So basically if your into seeing what a millennial-crazy, home owning designer is going to do with their fixer upper then your in the right place. You'll also see what is going on day-in and day-out at Hunt Design Co, designs of current and past projects and inspiration throughout the seasons.



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