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Treehouse Project : Move In Day Pt.1

Disclaimer: These photos are difficult to view. Imagine having to live here until we get this placed renovated. It hurts my soul but I also know how amazing this home can be! Since this project is so large (did you see the entire project scope on this post?) I decided to break this up into three parts. Appropriately, everything in part one, the downstairs, is included in our first renovation which has already begun!


I will start this with saying the entire house needs new floors, walls painted, trim work updated and ceiling de-popcorned, all expected for a fixer upper.

This is looking from the family room into the entry and front doors. That weird railing at the step down into the family room, along with two other railings, were torn down on day two of living in the house. Neither of us could understand why you would want to close off these spaces. The more open, the better.

More of the railings that have already come down. Again, it makes no sense what-so-ever to have this railing between the family room and dining room. With the railing above in the loft, which is my office, is just too much. This is looking from the family room into the dining room (right behind that wall is the kitchen and I bet you can guess what's happening with that wall).

This galley kitchen is going. The wall separating the kitchen and dining will be gone and the kitchen expanded to include an oversized island and pantry addition. Fun fact, Dan actually had the exact same vinyl flooring and appliances in his childhood home before they had their kitchen remodeled. So basically, this shit is old AF and I am ready for those upgrades sitting in the garage to be installed.

One of the "selling points" in this house was the custom casework in the den... I beg to differ. We have these great bookcases however, they were not built up to what I'd call even builder grade. By all means, they are great and I plan on altering them and adding lighting. But they were definitely done by someone who does woodwork as a hobby, not a career.

In between the kitchen and den we have a great eat in kitchen space where the deck access is. We plan on eventually adding a wet bar to the main wall in this space, making it the ultimate entertainment space.

Last, we have the laundry room, which is already underway on the renovation front. I will be posting an in-depth look at what we're doing in there and talking about the BIG obstacle that we came across during our floor demolition.

And that is it. This is exactly what we saw when we first walked through this home and saw the potential that it had from our design point of view. Wait until you see the dramatic difference outside in the yard, just after three months.

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