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Treehouse Project: Landscape Update

I had the intentions to post today about our current renovations happening inside the house but after Dan spent close to 15 hours working in the yard this past weekend, I thought it was only fair to post an update on the exterior of the house. Dan is a Landscape Architect and half the reason we bought this fixer upper was because it sat on over an acre of over-grown, unkept land. We are talking jungle. You could not see the house from the street and you could not see the house from the back of the property. Just like the inside- we saw a huge gain of investment and the ability to make this home, and yard, exactly what we want it to be. The front is FINALLY cleared of all roots and rocks and ready to seed! Goodbye, brown on brown on brown.

Here is a photo of the house when our good friend and real estate agent, Andrew Greenberg ( showed us the house back in January of this year.

Fixer Upper Before
Fixer Upper Before

We closed, moved in and started working on the yard in May. Since then we have dedicated many weekends over the past months to clearing, cutting, chopping, chipping, burning, digging and grading the front and back yard. This is a pile of just the large (bigger than a shovel), below ground, stumps and roots that we dug up this past weekend.

And here is our front yard today.

Fixer Upper Landscape Progress
Fixer Upper Landscape Progress

The perfect window for doggy look-outs

Fall Front Porch

I’ve been on a kick of taking it back old school and playing with hand rendering designs. I was never able to do work in the commercial world by hand, it was all digital. And while I like the convenience and professional look that digital work has, I prefer, when time allows, the creative and free-style aspect that creating something with your hands gives. We will eventually be painting the entire exterior and putting a new roof on so we started playing around with what that color scheme will look like so that we have a cohesive design throughout the entire property, inside and out. Here’s a sneak peak of what we’re thinking!

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