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Treehouse Project Renovation: Week 1

I never thought that I would find myself excited to have a dumpster delivered to my home but last Friday I did. This project has been a long time coming and to say we were excited for it is an understatement.

Not that we have any choice due to our diabetic dog that requires an insulin shot every 12 hours but we were up at the crack of dawn ready to tear our house apart. We were pumped for demo day. We found our inner Chip and Joanna and had the majority of the demo done in just 5 hours. Have you seen these hilarious videos we took during the demo? I will shamelessly admit that we watched these roughly 20 times each and laughed every single time.

Effortlessly cool Dan..

Dan's Video

He made it look so easy. I had to do it next..

My Video

So once we were done playing around with videos and got back to work we were able to accomplish all of the following in just 5 hours.

All of the kitchen cabinets and appliances, tile backsplash, drywall between the kitchen and dining room, drop ceiling in the kitchen along with lighting. We originally ordered a 15’ dumpster but were delivered a 10’. We were able to fit all of the debri into the dumpster but we did have to break down all of the cabinets. We also had all of the appliances properly disposed of. Here is what the dining room and kitchen looked like at the end of the weekend.

We decided to leave the flooring for the time being until we remove all the popcorn ceilings and could have an “easy” clean up- even though there is no such thing. Once we remove the popcorn and sand the ceilings then we will remove the flooring. Since our dumpster was the wrong size the company said that they would deliver a small dumpster for no charge to make up for the mistake. Totally worked out in our favor!

This coming week I will be removing the popcorn from all of the ceilings downstairs and sanding. Say a prayer for my scrawny arms.

Dan will be relocating all of the plumbing that was in the drop ceiling, to be in the between the floor joists. And if all goes according to plan we will be installing the beam next weekend so that our load bearing wall can come down!

Here is our project scope/schedule to date. I will be updating this every week for you all to see how an actual DIY schedule works out. I will also be documenting our budget in a separate post in the following weeks. You won’t believe how budget friendly this entire renovation is just by shopping smart and getting your hands a little dirty.

Schedule Dumpster Arrival






-Drop Ceiling

Demo Wall

Popcorn Ceiling




Schedule GC to remove wall, add beam.

Install Kitchen Cabinets

Schedule Electrician

-Install 4 Recessed Can Lights

-Install 2 Wall Sconces

-Install 2 Island Pendants

-Provide power to microwave, oven, island

-Move Light Switch

Install Appliances

Schedule Counter Tops

Schedule Ceiling Drywall Work

Install Hardwood Floors

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