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New Year, New Me, New You?

We’re already approaching the end of the first month of the new year. This is the time when everyone is getting back into a routine after time off from work and school. Decorations and suitcases are being put away and the unspoken truth which we see every year at this time is that our earnest New Year's resolutions start to fade.

Like many of you, I typically make New Year's resolutions, but 2017 was far different than the year before. Dan and I got married in April and in May we took the plunge and officially became homeowners. I also quit my full-time job to focus on building my own unique business and, in ways I hope you will see, in focusing on how to turn over a new leaf. With big transitions, it takes time to adjust and find your path.

Having said that, part of my refocusing initiative has been to soul search and find my own purpose in life. After reading many self-improvement books (and design books, of course) I have reached the point where I can clearly express and share my new vision. My new idea. Quite simply, my professional objective in life is to find the best ways to truly help others through the world of design. Sound simple? Well, bear with me as I try to explain further. I am proud to announce my new vision, direction, passion and opportunity for my business. The new concept? Living Well.

Living Well is living your best life.

Let me take a step back first and give you some of background on me. From a young age, I have always felt a compelling need to help others. I know, this sounds like a vague concept and statement that many people throw around without any real action or intent behind those words. My thesis back in 2013 focused on the psychology of the built environment and how the space you are in can affect you. The space you are in can psychologically change the way you feel, think, react, behave, engage, and adapt. I could keep going, but you get the idea. It affects you and all that you are.

Now it might just be me, but if one entity can have that big of an impact on our life, why are we not valuing it more? Why are we not putting effort into building a well foundation for a well lived life for ourselves and our families? Everyone has hardships, stressful jobs, misbehaving kids, and oftentimes not enough passion or communication between you and your loved ones. But what if when you walked into your home and those problems weren’t there? Pfffft! No more issues within those four walls. Would you then value your home more?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the American average is at the bottom of the chart and spends only five minutes a day on average on home maintenance, repair and decoration. You know what that tells me? You don’t know; your neighbors don't know; and, people in general don’t know how much better their lives can be or else I think they’d be putting more time into this. More time into their home and their wellbeing. So that is what I am here to do. Educate and learn. Lead and follow. And, most importantly, Live Well. For myself. For my family. For you.

Here we will explore the wellness of all the most important spaces you inhabit.

Home. Office. Healthcare.

And here we will work together to ensure those spaces support and enhance our best lived lives.

Living Well. Working Well. Healing Well.

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