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Treehouse Project : Guest Room

Before we started our major renovation downstairs we completed a full Guest room renovation in a couple weekends with less than $250. The difference in the before and after is dramatic and well, here’s why…

We had family coming to visit and we couldn’t stomach putting our parents in that pepto pink, lime green and blue room.

Dan being an amazing partner trusted me and my bold design decisions on this one. He rebuttled the height of the board and batten (he wanted the chair rail height) and the super dark, rich, green that I chose. But rest assured the white board and batten is a great balance to the dark green I chose and we both love the outcome. Although, I would have preferred to also paint the ceiling green, you win some, you lose some. Compromise.

The board and batten was VERY easy to do even for the beginner DIY’er that has the proper tools. After removing the popcorn ceiling in the room we were ready to start adding the wall trim. We used MDF board from Home Depot and had them cut it down into smaller pieces for us before bringing it home. Why not take one extra step out of the equation for us. *Home Depot will no longer cut any of their materials smaller than 1’ wide, plan accordingly with your designs* We planned for 4” wide pieces running vertically and horizontally so we had to rip the MDF 1’W pieces down to 4” on a table saw. We then cut our vertical pieces to be 49”long. The rest of the 4” material we left in longer pieces so that we could have less seams running horizontally. Here is a sketch of our exact dimensions.

We are fortunate that all of our baseboards in our home are simple squared off, 4” high pieces so that we can just add to them rather than have to replace(something we factored into our renovation pros for even buying the house, trim can be an expensive expense). Pre-cutting all our pieces prior to installing helped tremendously in getting the board and batten installed in an hour-it went so fast! Always a great feeling (especially after spending an entire day removing popcorn and sanding a ceiling).

So great to see the pink starting to disappear! We were pretty excited at this point and it gave us fixer upper fever.

The most important step in this entire process when using MDF is to PRIME. I know you’re going to be itching to just slap some paint on there but the MDF will soak it up if you don’t prime and it will be a hot mess. We use this to prime drywall and the ceilings after scraping popcorn off and we used this product to prime our new MDF boards. Once primed, we were good to go and painted away.

Ceiling: 1 coat of Primer, 3 coats of Paint

Green Walls: 2 coats of Paint

Board and Batten: 1 coat of Primer, 2 coats of Paint

I love the bold contrast. I love the bright, warmth. It’s cozy and calm. This was an extremely affordable transformation that will add value to the home when we sell it.

Don’t be afraid to go bold with color on your walls! The great part about this room is that the Green only takes up a small portion of the walls and you can easily re-paint with a single gallon of paint if your mood changes, for resell or if you just want to change things up.

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