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Tools for the Beginner Fixer Upper

So your interested in renovating your home and don’t know where to start. For those that have never lifted a hammer before the thought of a DIY home renovation can be daunting. But I am here to break your negative thoughts on the subject and turn them into a “Yea, man, I can do that.” If you’re willing to do the work then you are fully capable of completing a home renovation yourself, with or without the help of some professionals. A DIY renovation can literally save you THOUSANDS. It’s safe to say a kitchen reno can cost upwards of 50 grand when you leave it all to the professionals. But what if I told you that if you did the work you could do a complete, COMPLETE kitchen renovation for less than 20 thousand. Are you more interested in getting your hands dirty now? YOU CAN DO THIS! ANYONE can do this if you have the determination.

On the website I will be posting all our home projects- big and small. Our home needs a total renovation, every room. And we’re doing it all ourselves and saving thousands. Here I will tell you exactly how we do it in hopes that it gives you the confidence and help to tackle your own fixer upper!

First, you’ll need to set yourself up with the right tools to efficiently complete your own renovation. Here is a list of the big ticket tools that we used and that have been essential to our projects thus far.

Ryobi Miter Saw


Found Here

Ryobi 6 Gallon Compressor and Tool Combo Kit


Found Here

Ryobi Drill and Drive Kit (90 pieces)


Found Here

Table Saw


Found Here

Power Drill, Impact Driver, Circular Saw, Reciprocating Saw, Tool-Free Oscillating Tool (we bought this set and all of the tools have been very useful and we love that it came with two batteries so that we never run out of juice!)


Found Here

Thats it folks! Just $776 to get started. Of course you will buy more tools as needed for specific projects but those items are much smaller and far less expensive. From our personal experience we found that buying combo kits for tools you get more bang for your buck. We also have no preference in tools from Lowes or Home Depot and we like to shop smart for what fits within our budget. I always find that during the holidays both stores have great deals on tools- like stop you in your tracks kind of deals. If you can plan accordingly - always plan to buy big things during the holidays, the money you can save if worth the wait and one of the many reasons we were able to keep our overall renovation budget so low.

Do you have any home projects planned for the future? Do you have questions on how to do something or plan a design? Let us know below in the comments!!

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