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One Room Challenge: Week One


It has been quite a while since I've posted, and I am so excited to be back and participating in an online event called the One Room Challenge(ORC)! I needed the kick start to make some final decisions in our new fixer-upper AND to actually get my hands working on a project. Today is day one of 8 weeks that I, and the ORC community, have to design and complete any single room of our choosing in our homes!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might be able to guess which room I might be tackling for our first-ever, ORC! It’s our playroom! It’s a space I plan on doing most of the work myself and it makes sense to finish this space immediately so that Danny, our one-year-old son, has a safe place to be during the rest of the homes renovations that’ll be happening soon.

Here was the space when we moved in May 2021:

This room was one of the main reasons I fell in love with this house, specifically that window seat that overlooks our backyard, that’s also currently under construction.

The main architectural projects include replacing the light fixtures and adding two new wall sconces, removing the popcorn ceiling, refinishing the hardwood floors and adding a built-in bookshelf to hide the existing ledge.

Here is the design plan!

My main goal with the overall design is that this space can grow up with our family. I wanted to select finishes that felt playful now but that will also feel more sophisticated in the future when this space is no longer a playroom and a teen hangout.

As soon as I started scheming up ideas for this space I envisioned a bold stripe wrapping the entire space; on the walls, angled walls, and on the attic doors. I landed on that gorgeous black and white, stripe wallpaper by Milton and King. The blue paint swatch on the top right-hand corner of the design board is what I will be painting the ceilings, trim, and doors! I plan on adding a cushion, pillows, curtains, and wall sconces on/over the window seat to create a cozy reading nook. The gorgeous, Etsy-found alphabet will go on the wall in that area as well.

That is the overall plan of the space! I invite you to follow along on my Instagram @huntdesignco for regular updates on all of these projects and the occasional crazy, mom life post!

I also encourage you to go check out all of the other amazing participants in this Fall's ORC here!

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